We are glad to welcome in our team all those who are in love with motorsport just like we are!

Aidar Guzairov, The head of AG Team

Aidar Guzairov,
The head of AG Team

AG Team mean sport!

AG Team is a motorsport team and a community of people united by ambitious goals in the Russian motorsport .
We want to positively influence the lives of current and future athletes, their fans, our partners and the sports community in general.
We do not only race, but also create an atmosphere of purposefulness, drive and excitement, and unite s like-minded people.
If you get into the backstage of racing, believe me – you will forever become a racing fan!

Спортивные цели AG Team

Each stage of the competition, every race, every practive is an opportunity to apply experience and improve results. That’s why we grow very fast and can build a development strategy.
AG Team’s plans in the SMP RCRS are the transition from the National class to the Touring Light class in 2019, and already in 2020 to perform in the top class of Touring.
In the Canyon Cup and Granta Cup, the goal is one-win both in personal and team standings.
In the motorcycle races, the pilots of the AG Team showed excellent results in the season of 2017, showed that they can come first, so in the next season the work is planned to win the championship in two classes of RSBK.
In karting, our pilot Lilia also grows from race to race, takes prizes, and next season she will continue to grow and win medals and cups.
Taking a decision on cooperation with the team of AG Team, the partner will be able to grow together with the team, make plans, set goals and reach them shoulder to shoulder.
Growth of the team means new opportunities for everyone!

База команды

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